Race to Breathe 5k

Last Year's Race

Race to Breathe began in 2015 to support Pat Arthur, minister at the Southern Hills Church of Christ in Bloomgington. Well over $60,000 was raised through donations and the race to help Pat as he raised money for his upcoming surgery. At the time of last year's race, he was going through preparations to be placed on the transplant list. He was placed on the list in May of 2015 and received the call for his transpant in August.

After 9 hours in surgery, the surgeons released Pat to the Intensive Care Unit and he began his recovery. He spent several weeks in the hospital and was released to go home. After many hours in pulmonary and physical therapy, Pat is still working to improve his lug function.

Though the surgery was considered a success, Pat still struggles in his fight to breathe. He had a follow up surgery in January of 2016 and is now facing some rejection. Doctors are still working with Pat to keep him healthy and to strengthen his lungs every day. Pat and his family are grateful for the support the community has given as he fights to breathe and pray that the same support can also be given to the Bucy family, who they have known since 2001 when they attended church together.


l-r front: Elaine Arthur (Holsapple), Pat Arthur, Belinda Arthur, Hannah Arthur. l-r back: David Arthur, Ben Arthur