Race to Breathe 5k

About Kevin Bucy

Proceeds from the race will go directly to the
Kevin Bucy Transplant Fund


Kevin and Lori at IU Health - Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis before Kevin's transplant with their sons Alex (left) and Nick (right).

Kevin Bucy has lived in Bloomington since marrying his wife Lori in 1987. They have three children: Nicholas, Alexander and Katelyn. They also have a grandson, Jack. Kevin has worked as the Utilities Distribution Manager for Indiana University Bloomington since 2013. Prior to that he was a full time National Guardsman, working for the US Army at the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center as the Director of Public Works. He achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel before retiring from the Army in 2015 after 35 years of active and reserve service. Kevin also worked at Monroe County Community School Corporation for 14 years as the Energy Manager.

Kevin was deployed to Fort Riley, Kansas, in the summer of 2008 for combat training. On Veteran’s Day of that same year, he arrived in Afghanistan for a nine month deployment; his second deployment supporting the Global War on Terror. While in Afghanistan, Kevin led a Combat Advisor Team which advised the officers of an Afghan Army Kandak (Battalion) during combat operations against Taliban and al Qaeda forces. During this time, Kevin developed a lung infection that was diagnosed as pneumonia. The infection was persistent, chronic, and led to the development of

pulmonary fibrosis. After 18 months, the Veterans Administration confirmed Kevin’s claim that the PF diagnosis was a result of service in the harsh environment of Afghanistan.

Kevin’s lungs deteriorated significantly during the winter of 2014-15 and he was referred by the VA to the IU Methodist Hospital Lung Transplant team. On September 14, 2015, Kevin was placed on the waiting list and was miraculously called up to Methodist for a double lung transplant the next morning. Kevin suffered multiple, serious complications with the procedure. By the Grace of God he survived five surgeries and spent 98 days in the hospital.

On January 11, 2016 Kevin was released from daily visits to IU Methodist Hospital. He and Lori are now back home in Bloomington. The procedures and hospital stay took a great toll on Kevin’s body. He has lost over 60 pounds. He is currently receiving pulmonary rehabilitation and occupational therapy at Bloomington Hospital with weekly appointments at IU Methodist.


Kevin and Lori in 2011 with their three children: Nick (back), Alex (right), and Katelyn.